A non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to helping the children of our fallen and wounded
soldiers to further their post high school goals of a higher education and providing our
wounded veterans with specialized equipment giving them more mobility and
independence.  Army Sgt Joe Johnson lived by the motto “I live life to the fullest.  You
only live once.  Make the best of it. Because the only regret you have in life is the risk
that you didn’t take.” 

Sgt Johnson’s legacy was only beginning when it was cut short defending the ideals of
the country he loved.  Moving forward, A Hero’s Legacy will continue to honor his life by
empowering people to pursue their dreams and change our world.
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A Hero’s Legacy - The Joe Johnson Foundation is non-profit 501 (c) (3) Public Charity.  Donations made to the foundation are tax deductable under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.
A Hero’s Legacy - The Joe Johnson Foundation
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Joe Johnson.  What do you say about a man like him? When he loaded up his stuff in the connex containers, no
one was actually surprised that he showed up with his couch. He said “they told me I could take what I want,
and I want my couch”. He was daring, telling his platoon sergeant he was so old he could have been a road
guard for Moses. He no longer had to wonder what would happen if he tried to jump a gator off a dirt ramp. It
breaks. Joe had an unusual way of doing extra PT. He stuffed a friend into his ruck sack and hauled him around
for strength training. His favorite color was plaid.  A crayon in the pencil box. He never did learn to conform. 
On June 16, 2010, regardless of the dangers he faced, Joe pressed on displaying the irrepressible spirit, the grit
and determination it took to do his job. The day his life ended, his legacy began.  Let us share with you an
excerpt from a letter we received from his ground commander that day “As you know Joe was a very
impressive young man.  He immediately made a lasting impression on my team as someone that we could
trust in any situation.  Our assessment proved correct as Joe did everything he could to heroically protect
the lives of his fellow platoon on June 16th.  He knew he was volunteering for a very difficult mission but
pushed forward without any hesitation. He is a true hero and my team will never forget him.” - Capt. Dan
It is said that a man cannot die while his name is still spoken. Joe is here. He will never be a memory.
                                       Some people never get to meet their heroes. We raised ours.